ON 3rd & 4th of March



Technical Paper Presentation

Here is an amazing opportunity to showcase your ideas on a unique and massive platform in the form of well integrated and intriguing presentation. It strives to explore the competency of young minds by giving their incredulous ideas a definitive direction.

There are two stages in this event where in the first stage is submission of abstract and the next one is the final round where students have to present in front of judges. Evaluation is done in front of highly qualified judges.

Technical Poster Presentation – Ideathon

Poster presentation – Ideathon is a platform which provides you with an amazing opportunity to showcase your ideas on a unique platform in the form of a poster presentation.

Posters are legitimate and popular presentation format for research and clinical vignettes. They efficiently communicate concepts and data to an audience using a combination of visuals and text.

Technical Project/Prototype Presentation

Project presentation is a platform which provides you with a awestruck opportunity to showcase best of the projects you worked on!!

Projects make 60% of your entire resume which is a summary of your entire career! You will be guided by the judges who have been a great backbone and made CBIT the only college in entire nation which alone had 5 winning teams in SIH conducted by central government!

Grab this platform to clear all your confusions and get a boost up! We provide you a platform to come and see different projects in different domains and gain knowledge and take guidance and pave your way ahead!!


Kodecrypt is the flagship event of Headstart, which tests your programming and problem solving skills. You must solve tricky and interesting programming questions in any language of your choice.
The event has 3 rounds.
Round 1 - Basic MCQ questions.
Round 2 & 3 are online coding rounds.

There’s something more in the store. You can directly reach the final round through:
1) Kodecrypt Long Challenge where all the previous Kodecrypt questions are posted and are available for a period of 10 days.
2) Kodecrypt Wild card Questions is an extra layer where in people who solve at the earliest qualify.

Technical Online Quiz- Fast and Furious

"A fun and supersonic celebration of technology!!" Get ready for a roller coaster ride into the intense world of techno quizzing.

Fast and Furious gives you the experience of fastest-finger-first game wherein you will be racing against and trying to overrun your friends and peers by answering a series of 15 technical and aptitude questions quickly and accurately. In each race, the fastest performers among the teams participated, are promoted to the next round. The final round is a "Surprise Round", a haven for those with the technical chutzpah to display your geekiness. You will be given details of round-3 only after finishing the first two rounds. We await the crowning of the next tech wizards.

Bug Beaters

BugBeaters is a debugging event. It tests participants ability to find corner cases and solve minor issues present in the code and come up with a working solution for the given problem statement. It consists of 2 rounds where each round is an elimination round. Both the rounds are online rounds.

Apart from these we will be organizing few pre-contests and the top performers of those contests will get into the final round.

Design Freaks

Design Freaks: Design freaks is an established and popular event of Headstart which focuses on how well a person can design eye catching User Interfaces (UI) for web applications

Round 1: MCQ's related to basic design concepts of Web.
Round 2: constitutes of some practical stuff like creating some components of a web page.
Round 3: The participants need to develop a static website which would be evaluated and winner will be decided.

Data Addicts

DataAddicts is an event based on DBMS. It provides the perfect platform to showcase your querying skills. It provides intriguing challenges to test your passion for database systems.

This event has 3 rounds along with an introductory session for beginners.
Round 1: consists of basic multiple choice questions
Round 2: you will have to write DBMS queries for given questions.
Round 3: you will have to execute the queries for given database


This event brings you an opportunity to prove your skills in C. You can tackle questions from basics to the complex of its concepts.
This event consists of 3 rounds.
Round 1 consists of basic online MCQs.
Round 2 is online MCQs that are to be solved at a specified time.
Round 3 is the debugging round.

The ones clearing round 3 are given merit certificates and exciting prizes & the ones clearing round 2 will be given participation certificates.

Tic Tech Toe

This event is based on the traditional game TIC TAC TOE. Each participant is expected to solve the logical questions in a vertical or horizontal or diagonal direction. Players who solves two lines in the given time limit will be considered for the next round.

Round 1: Online Aptitude test.
Round 2: TIC TECH TOE game.
Round 3: Creative Analysis.

Find Fit Finish

Find Fit Finish is an event that tests the quickness of an individual.

In first round "Logical Quiz", we will be testing the IQ of an individual through a logical quiz.
The second round "Google It Out" would check how quickly an individual can reach a desired target by searching for clues in suitable websites.
The third round "Inter Knack" would be a knockout round where we will be testing your mental ability to solve random games and giving some Interesting Knockoff tasks.

All three rounds involved in the event do not demand much of technical skills, but they do test thinking and logical abilities.


Faculty Coordinators

P. Vimala Manohara Ruth: +91-9849853963
Ch. Madhavi Sudha: +91-7893131817

Student Coordinators

Y. Sairakshitha: +91-9966142099
Dora Sai Varma E.: +91-8333941245
D. Harshavardhan: +91-8919507039